Frequently Asked Questions - GENERAL

How much does it cost?
The price is $25 per month. There are no other fees or hidden charges. At any time you may cancel, no matter the reason.
Is my data safe?
Yes, we utilize Secure Socket Layers (SSL) encryption on our site and all data is stored on servers meeting the highest security standards.
What if I have questions, who do I call?
You call us, or email us, or fax us, or use our online support. See our contact page for more information.
Who is this for?
Our system was designed for small and medium social service organizations, such as churches, homeless shelters, food pantries, and other organization providing services to the community. Often these organization need a simple, user friendly, way to record these services provided, whether for statistics, grant and government reporting, or fund raising.
What is the benefit of using your service?
Our service offers an easy to use method of recording services and distributions at an affordable cost. By using our system you gain a number of benefits (See our Features Page) for a low monthly cost with no oblgation, no techincal expertise needed, and no hassel..
Do I need a lot of technical training?
If you can surf the internet you can easily use our system. Our system was developed with a 3 click philosphy. This means that you can do almost everything our system offers through only 3 clicks of the mouse.
Why use an online service rather than purchase and install software?
There are both advantages and disadvantages. As you may have noticed, the idea of "cloud based" or "web based" software is growing at a rapid pace. This is because there are a number of advantages to using web based software. But it is not for everyone. Obviously access to the internet is needed. However if you have reliable access to the internet, then there are few disadvantages.

The advantages are:
Instant networking, with no special configurations. This allows mulitple users to access the system at the same time, from any internet enabled computer.
All data is safely and securely maintained and backuped, no risk of "forgetting to backup".
Updates and fixes to the software are made instantly, with no need to download patches or upgrade.
Universal compatibility, little risk that you can not get the software to work on a specific computer because of something else installed on it.
User familiarity with using a web browser for forms. No need to learn new interfaces.

The disadvantages are:
Internet access is required

Who is this not for:
If you do not have internet access, or it is very limited and slow and
if you have only one computer that you will use and only one person needs to see reports, or record information at a time and
if you have enough computer knowledge to install and manage software updates,
then this is not for you.
What happens after the 30 day risk free trial?
The price is $25 per month. There are no other fees or hidden charges. At any time you may cancel, no matter the reason.
Do you offer training?
Our system requires little or no training, and has step by step instructions throughout the site, however if you need additional training for a group of people or organization, please contact us.
What are the requirements to use your system?
Our system requires a computer with internet access operating Internet Exploer 7+, Firefox 3.5+, or Google Chrome. Additional services, such as electronic signatures require additional equipment.
Who is Solutions By Software, Inc.?
Solutions By Software, Inc. is the company that developes and operates software including
How soon can I start using your system after I sign up?
Immediately. Once you sign up our system will walk you through the setup, which takes about 5-10 minutes. After that you can start recording services. (Please note installation of additional equipment, such as signature pads, may take longer)
Can I download the software instead of using it on the web?
No, our system is web based only. This is how we are able to keep costs down.