Frequently Asked Questions - ABOUT THE SERVICE

Are there any limits?
The only limit we have is the total number of clients. At this time, you may have up to 50,000 unique clients (most customers have between 1,000 - 5,000). Should you need more that this, please contact customer service.
How many additional users can I have on my account?
You may create an unlimited number of users on your account. You have individual control of the access each user has to view, record, and update information.
What kind of services can I record?
You can record any services you want so long as they are legal. It is against our Terms of Service to use our system for any illegal activity.
What if I do not want to use your service any more?
You simple need to log in to you account and click the cancel button. There are no obligations by using our system. However, if you need to download any of your data, you must do so before cancelling your subscription.
Can I download the data?
Absolutely. At any time you can download the data collect. Several formats and options are available.
Can multiple users record services at the same time?
Yes. As many users as you like can be logged in the system at the same time and record services, view reports, etc. However each username can only be logged in on one computer at a time. (For example: bob_123, sue_456, and frank_789 can all be logged in at the same time, but 3 different people can not all log in as frank_789 at the same time.)
Can I upload my existing clients or do I have to reenter them all?
Our system supports uploading a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file of your clients and their information. You can create a CSV file from most speadsheet programs including Microsoft Excel. Previous service data can not be uploaded at this time, but it can be entered manually.