Frequently Asked Questions - EQUIPMENT

What model/brand is the equipment you recommend?
The signature pad is a Topaz SigLite 4x3 model T-LBK750-HSB. The regular bar code scanner is a Symbol LS1203. The 2D barcode reader is a Symbol DS6707. The mag stripe only reader is an IDTech IDMB-334133B. The barcode and mag stripe reader is an IDTech Omni Reader WCR3227-633UC. All equipment is available from us already configured, so you just have to plug it in.
Do I have to have any equipment?
No, there is no special equipment needed to use our service. You only need to have a computer with internet access. However, some of our advanced features (such as electronic signatures) do require special equipment.
What is the card swipe used for?
The card swipe is used to support rapid entry and record look up. It allows you to swipe a client's Driver's License, ID Card, or other ID with a magnetic stripe, to automatically locate their record and be ready to record services.
What is the signature pad for?
The signature pad allows for customers to eletronically capture a client's signature and store it in their profile. This saves on paper, time, and space.
Where do I get a signature pad?
At this time we only support the Topaz 4x3 Signature Pad. You can purchase it from us, or from any other vendor of your choosing.
Where do I get a card swipe?
We currently support any keyboard wedge type card swipe. Several models can be purchased from us, or you can purchase one from any vendor of your choosing. Those purchased from us will be preprogrammed for use optimal use with our system.
Do you help with the equipment installation?
We have installation instructions available and we provided limited telephone installation support. However you would need to contact the manufacturer for advanced support, as they know their products far better.