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Grocery and Food

Record and Track services provided and distribution of food and supplies.
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Tracking and Reporting

Easily track services provided and get detailed reporting of distribution.
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Signature Pads & Card Swipes

Support for Signature Pads and Card Swipes saves time and money.
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Key Features


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Easy Reporting

Get all the information you need. Through various reports you are able to get demographics about your clients, statistics about the services you provide, as well as a breakdown of what each user has done. Our reporting system even allows you to export the reports to a speadsheet program for your own anaylsis as well.

Some of the reports available:

  • Quick Dashboard
  • Visit Statistics
  • Service Statistics
  • Client Demographics
  • User Reports
  • Service Reports
  • Client Lists


Quick Dashboard
A quick view of the number of new clients, visits, services, and value/cost by month or week.

Visit Statistics
A breakdown of frequency of visits and number of visits by client by date.

Service Statistics
A breakdown of the quantity and value of services provided by date.

Client Demographics
A breakdown of client demographics including age, race, gender, and much more.


User Reports
A list of users and the number clients of clients and services they have entered.

Services Provided Report
A sortable list of clients receiveing services, including their value and quantity.

Client List
A customizable list of clients and their information for printing, or exporting to a spreadsheet.