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Grocery and Food

Record and Track services provided and distribution of food and supplies.
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Tracking and Reporting

Easily track services provided and get detailed reporting of distribution.
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Signature Pads & Card Swipes

Support for Signature Pads and Card Swipes saves time and money.
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Card Swipes and Signature Pads

Through the use of optional equipment, such as magnetic card readers and electronic signature pads, you can make recording services even easier and more accurate, while saving time and money. We offer the option of being able to use such equipment as an added service to our customers. Many of our customers have found that barcode readers, card swipes, and signature pads are an affordable, effecient, money saving option. They allow for less duplication of servies, less fraud, and faster service.

Some of the advantages of using optional equipment include:

  • Access Records Easily
  • Decrease Inaccuracy
  • Less Duplication
  • Less Fraud
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Paper
  • Saves Money


You can purchase the optional equipment through either us or your existing eletronics supplier. Our system supports any barcode or card reader with keyboard emulation. At this time we only support the Topaz SigLite 4x3 for electronic signatures.

Suggested equipment:
If you are intersted in purchasing equipment or have any questions, please contact us.


Easy and fast installation and setup.

All of the equipment we recommend is plug and play and connects via a standard USB connection. The signature pad requires a small file to be installed which you can do through a simple click on our website. The equipment suggested by us is available for purchase through your prefered vendor, and requires no additional configuration.

Please note: If you choose to use different equipment, it may require special configuring, additional drivers, or special software. We do not provide technical support for equipment, unless it is provided by us. If you have any question about equipment please contact us.